Grace / No Grace

Abstract Series


I'm interested in the qualities of the material I use. These paintings are executed on sheets of plastic. Things are not left to chance, nor held to process. Constant is the an impulse or an idea that stays with a painting and drives it, from its beginning to the end.

This notion guides my attempt toward a minimal expression of my own simple and meditative art. The work indicates three paths; one of transparency, one of color (or rather, no color), and one of pattern. These three paths often converge, and often seem inseparable.

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    • Acrylic
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    • Plastic
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About the Artist

Grazyna moved to Canada from Poland in 1996 and chose to end her career in Animal Science to pursue life as an artist and painter. Since then, she earned her Masters of Fine Arts in the United States and has had her paintings and installations displayed across galleries North America and Europe, including exhibitions in Toronto, Chicago, Florence, Berlin, and Warsaw. Her work addresses a broad scope of topics, ranging from depictions of depression in women to abstractions of forest scenery.

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